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Estate Planning

Estate Planning doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Essentially, estate planning is a means to an end.  It provides a mechanism for the transfer of ones assets to those he or she loves in the way that he or she wishes.  However, estate planning is not just for the future.  There are things that can and should be done to ensure that your affairs are in order during periods of disability and the like.  Jones Legacy Law knows that estate planning can be an overwhelming topic, but strives to make it as simple and effective as possible.  Whether you need a simple will to appoint a guardian for your minor children or have significant assets to protect from taxation, Jones Legacy Law will provide the analysis and propose a plan that best meets your needs.

Elder-LawElder Law

As an emerging percentage of the population, our elderly often need assistance to plan for their future.  While this includes preparing an effective estate plan, planning for potential long term care expenses can be something that, though important, can be overlooked.

The laws regarding Medicaid change frequently and it is important to keep current to ensure that they are followed.   Jones Legacy Law has assisted numerous clients through the Medicaid qualification process.

If you or a loved one are considering long term care, planning for how to finance that care should not be delayed.  With careful planning, we can create a framework to protect a client’s legacy for their children in the case of impending health concerns that require long term care.


In essence probate is the process by which an estate is settled and distributed to a person’s heirs.  You may have heard horror stories from your friends, but probate does not have to be a nightmare.  Most probates are settled with minimal intervention from the court and without significant problems.  But, hiring a knowledgeable probate attorney to help you through the required steps for an estate is critical to make sure the estate is properly administered.  We can help with asset transfers, creditor’s claims, beneficiary contests etc. so that an estate can be completed in an efficient and timely manner.


If your loved one is no longer able to make their own financial and/or health care decisions and do not have sufficient estate documents such as a durable power of attorney, you may need to initiate a guardianship proceeding to protect and assist them.  In short, a guardianship is a court proceeding for an incapacitated person.  Through that proceeding, a guardian is appointed by the court to handle the incapacitated person’s affairs.  The guardian can direct their care, finances and other aspects of their life.  In the majority of cases a loved one is appointed as guardian.  If you have questions or need assistance with a guardianship please contact us and we can assist you and make the transition easy as possible.